Once upon a time in Cambay, India, Great- grandfather Jamnadas had a dear friend - a saint who gave him a baby parrot when he decided to spend his remaining years of his life in the foothills of the Himalaya mountains. The parrot remained with the Sukkadia family for over thirty years...

Being the smart and handsome parrot that he vos, he won the hearts and minds of the entire family as well as their friends and neighbors who lived in the Gulf of Cambay, India.

Upon the sudden death of the handsome and beloved parrot, the family decided to to use the parrot's image as the logo for the family's business in his memory. Since then, the company became known as Parrot Brand Sweet House throughout the state of Gujrat and Mumbai.

The Parrot Brand sweets became so popular that another competing company decided to cash in on the Parrot brand by using two parrots as their logo.
The Sukhadia family went to Munbai trademark court, and after battling for fifteen years the family won the fight and kept their parrot logo.

Today, Sukhadia's Parrot logo is recognized as a symbol of family tradition and values, high quality ingredients and pride known throughout India and the United States.

We hope that from on, whenever you see a parrot, you will remember the little parrot from Cambay, India, and remember the story of the Sukhadia family and how they came to choose a little parrot co name their family business.