What are your store hours?

Store hours are 10 AM to 10 PM each day, seven days a week. You may view our locations page for more information on each store. 

How many pieces are in a one pound box?

All estimate piece counts are listed in the respective product on our website. Please refer to the individual product for this information. 

How do you package perishable sweets/items?

We pack all refrigerated items in a durable container with cool gel packs. For non-refrigerated items, they will be securely packed with cushioning material appropriate for shipping. All our sweets are sent in trays or in compartmentalized boxes to help maintain the shape of individual pieces. 

Do you offer sugar-free sweets?

Yes, we offer sugar-free jalebi and several other sweets. To see which items can be sugar free, please see the appropriate section for Sugar Free Sweets within the Sweets category.

How can I pick up orders in bulk?

Party Tray Orders can be placed from our website through the Party Tray section and can be picked up or delivered to any NJ location. Non-tray bulk orders can be placed over the phone by calling 1-877-SUKHADIA. Bulk orders consist of 5lb quantity or more.

How do I place a catering order?

A catering order can be placed through the phone (908-266-0093), email at catering@sukhadia.com, or you may place an inquiry through our catering website.

Is Sukhadia's open on the holidays?

Yes, Sukhadia's is open on all holidays throughout the year. Most holidays have attractive promotions on our products and gift packages. 

Do you accept all credit cards?

Yes, all credit cards are accepted.

Do you sell sweets in trays?

No, we sell food items in trays but not sweets. All sweets are packed in boxes with golden trays or compartment partitions. 

Can gift boxes/baskets be customized?

Yes, you may email customer service with specific requests upon completion and confirmation of your order. Please note, costs may change depending on the quantity and type of product used for customization.